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Oh my goodness!

What’s that you say?  You say that there’s a new post on the new blog?  That’s crazy!!  Wait, what?  You say the owner made a new one and changed everything over?  Well, i guess that makes sense, but where can I find all my old favorites?  They are on the new site too!!  That happy hooker thought of everything!  I’ll go there now!

That’s my way of telling everyone that there’s a new post.

It’s DONE!!

Go!  Follow!!  Be merry!!

I’ve posted all the old posts, even the special new years and christmas posts!  There is no fear of your dash being flooded. 

Go forth and conquer!  Did I mention that I’ve spent the whole day crocheting zombies?  I think I’ve gone insane.

Anonymous asked: OMG thanks for making the schizophrenia post, because I'm like a non-stop crocheter, and my science teacher assigned us to make a report on a disease. I know exactly what disease i want to research now :)

Haha!  I’m glad to help!!  I thought of it because my friend is a photographer for a newspaper and she realized that she was basically a stalker.  It got me to thinking about what everyone else’s disease would be! 

I also consider what my friends would be like if I lived in the world of Scott Pilgrim, so I’m not entirely sane.

Go follow this, eventually…

TA-DA!!  It’s been made! I’m currently in the process of posting all the previous disgruntled goats, so if you follow it now, I’ll be blowing up your Dashboard.  I’ll let you know when everything is ready to go over there!! 

By the way, the only difference in the URL’s is that this one is crochetproblem (no S) and the new one is crochetproblems (with an S)


I am considering making another tumblr, so Crochet Problems can be the primary blog.  Would you guys be okay with leaving this, to follow another, exactly the same blog, with the same name, and all the previous posts.  The only difference would be the name things are posted under.  (Currently dearbitsy) 

Please let me know!!  There are 336 of y’all!!

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Thanks noliwatson!  This is indeed the funniest thing ever added to a problem!

Thanks noliwatson!  This is indeed the funniest thing ever added to a problem!

problem 49

problem 49

problem 48

problem 48

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